Sound-absorbent system for use on wall and ceilings, comprising melamine-faced, lacquered or veneered MDF slats. The high performance levels are achieved thanks to research into the theory of Helmholtz resonators and sound dissipation using porous textures. 4akustik combines excellent sound-absorption performance with the highest health and safety standards. The panel, in its CE certification version, classed as “Bs2, d0”, for its reaction to fire, also conforms to the highly exacting Japanese “F4 star” standard, with reference to its extremely low formaldehyde content, in line with JIS parameters. The same products is also available in a version without reaction to fire certification, and with class E1 formaldehyde emissions, the TOPAKUSTIK version. 4AKUSTIK contributes toward satisfying prerequisites and credits under LEED.

The slats are mounted using a simple adhesive-free procedure. The use of screws and sliding clips ensures that removal is equally simple. In this way, the slats are free to move, adapting to the climate and to the level of humidity in the atmosphere.


Design for both walls and ceilings, Letwood is an original concept combining innovative design and top quality acoustics for decors that are unique both visually and acoustically. Square format of 60 x 60 Letwood provides countless solutions. This is a fully customisable solution, you can have your own design patterns, letting free space for your creativity!

Drilled Sound Absorbent System

60 x 60 & 60 x 120

Tow size, three individual installation methods, multiple perforated hole patterns, and a wide range of surface finishes make the 60 x 60/120 panels perfect for all architectural design and practical application.

Passe-Partout System

Modular suspended system with high sound absorbency, design to improve the acoustics of any interior, even in situation when architectural constraints make it impossible to work directly on wall or ceiling.

Radiant System

The only product in the world to combine thermal comfort, energy efficiency, sound quality and innovating design. A single solution to save energy and improve the liveability of any space.

Standard Finishes

Special Finishes